_20171117_073431Shamanism is a healing practice that is present in many cultures throughout the world.  The shaman enters the spirit world through journeying so as to gather information for problem solving and healing.  Shamanic healing involves balancing the mind, body, and spirit to bring the whole person into a state of well being.

The shaman provides healing in several ways:

1. Soul Retrieval

Tribal cultures believe that when a person suffers trauma of any kind a fragmentation of their soul occurs along with a loss of their essence. For instance, when we marry or are in a committed relationship we give a piece of ourselves to another. If we suffer the loss of our loved one through death or divorce we have lost a piece of ourselves and this can hinder our recovery. During Soul Retrieval the Shaman travels, with their animal allies and guides to bring back this vital part of the person restoring balance of mind, body and spirit.

2. Extraction Work

We have all had energetic intrusions into our bodies whether we are aware of it our not. Have you ever been having a great day and go into a room full of negative, gossipy people.  Our whole demeanor can change and that energy can stick with us throughout the day.  Intrusions can be as simple as this or as complex as those living with the effects of abusive situations of any kind-mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual or for those suffering from chronic illness. Extraction work removes the energies that do not belong, transforms it and releases it. The space it occupied is then filled with love and healing energies.

3. Power Retrieval

One who has become disconnected from his or her source of personal power is “dispirited”. Power loss may bring about many of the same symptoms as soul loss which includes feelings of “not being there”, memory blockages, apathy, addictions, loss of self-esteem, etc.

To restore power to the client, the shaman will go in search of an Animal Spirit, either one who has been with the client in the past and is willing to return, or one willing to become this client’s Spirit companion. The role of the Animal Spirit, or “Power Animal”, is to provide emotional and physical protection. The Animal Spirit chooses the person to whom it will come, rather than the other way around. The choice seems to be based on the fact that the Animal has certain powers and characteristics which it knows will be helpful to this human at this time. A Power Animal will lend its particular gifts and powers to the person whom it has chosen so that the person may be strengthened to better cope with the particular challenges of his or her life. The Shaman may also bring back a certain Power Song, Dance or other Ritual for the person to use to regain their power.

4. Psychopomp and Entity Release

This work is to help people cross over at the time of death or, assist those souls who need guidance after the transition and are “earthbound”.  House and land clearing, as well as assisting those who are actively dying, is an important part of shamanic work.  For more information about this look at or

If you are interested in Shamanic healing work for yourself or are just curious about it just contact me at (937)728-2054.  As with all healing modalities this is not a substitute for medical care. I am a firm believer in complimentary medicine.

For those curious about Shamanic work or Shamanic training go to and meet several of the Shamanic practitioners in the Ohio area.